StockVUE for Retail Stores

Ensuring Optimum Inventory on Store Shelves

We live in a hyper competitive retail environment. Customers want what they want and they want it now. Retailers have the challenging task of offering the right items, in the right quantities, at the right location and delivering orders to customers in record times. The key to be competitive in such a landscape is to have an exceptional inventory management solution.

If you don't stock enough, you run out of items and lose the sale. If you stock too much then you use up precious space and working capital. Retailers need to stock optimum levels of inventory in order operate their businesses profitably. 

StockVUE can be used by all kind of retailers including Grocery Stores, Home Improvement Stores, Liquor Stores, Marijuana Dispenseries, Candy stores and others. By providing real time, autonomous, inventory data remotely, StockVUE can be an invaluable tool. Let us show you how!

Smart Scales in Various Configurations

Smart scales come in all shapes, sizes and capacities. You can place them on shelves or hang them from hooks on peg boards or wall panels. They can be wired or wireless. You can use it with bins or pallets. You can use it in store or in warehouses. We have a configuration just right for you.

Track All Types of Items

You can track loose produce or packaged goods. You can track items in refrigerators, in freezers as well as on normal shelves at room temperature. Sensors communicate wirelessly with one IoT Gateway on site to upload data into StockVUE Cloud and provide up to the minute inventory updates.

Frictionless Process - Just Pick Up and Go

Customers don't want to wait in lines anymore. If you want to offer a service like Amazon Go then StockVUE is the solution you are looking for.

No need to enter data, scan bar codes or do anything at all to update inventory! It happens magically and autonomously with no human intervention.  It also adjusts counts when you put things back into the bins!


Inventory Management for Retailers

Brick and Mortar Retailers as well as eTailers are looking for solutions to make them more competitive. This industry operates on thin margins with a fickle and ever changing consumer tastes and fashions. It is imperative to stock the right items and deliver them fast to customers.

Stock-outs can mean lost sales, especially for retailers who sell high value items like Cannabis, Liquor, Medicines, Cosmetics etc.  For grocery stores, selling perishable items like fresh produce and dairy with expiry dates, managing inventory carefully becomes even more critical. 

StockVUE solution can help retailers manage their inventory better and give them an edge in speed and efficiency to help them win.


Reduce Drudgery

Get Real-Time Inventory Update


Respond Fast

Get Advance Warning via Email or Text


Make More Money!

Order Just in Time & Order the Right Quantity


Connect StockVUE with your existing ERP Solutions

StockVUE can provide a stand-alone cloud based solution that you can offer to your employees, distributors and vendors. In addition you can link the data into your existing ERP or MIS solutions using our easy to implement APIs. Gather and share critical data seamlessly across your teams.