StockVUE Mobile Cart

Need to move around your warehouse while managing inventory? StockVUE offers mobile versions, such as our convenient mobile cart. Just provide power and an internet connection and gain instant access to your inventory data while wheeling the inventory around your facility. 

Inventory that Moves

Our mobile cart version of StockVUE enables you to track items that need to be moved from location to location in a worksite. You can still track the items and replenish them as needed.

Choose the right capacity for the smart scales for your items. Place items to be tracked on the smart scales. Place the scales on the mobile cart. Connect scales to wireless routers and your setup is done!

Select the Right Smart Scales

Choose the right smart scale for the items you need to track. Based on the weight of the items, you could select from Mini, Small, Medium, or Large Scales. Place the items to be tracked on the smart scales on the mobile cart. Once StockVUE solution is implemented, you will receive real-time updates on your inventory even when the parts are moving around in your facility.

Easy Setup and Use

The mobile cart comes ready-to-use with all the selected smart scales fully calibrated and the wireless sensor routers and Node+ connected. Just connect the cart to a power supply and provide access to the internet. You can place your items on the smart shelves and start using the StockVUE portal to add your items. And you are all set to track your mobile inventory from anywhere, at any time, on any device!


Mobile Cart Anatomy

StockVUE Mobile Cart is like a smart shelf on the move! It has the smart scales, wireless sensor routers, and Node+ all neatly put together and ready to move. You can select the best suited smart scale sizes and capacities to build your customized mobile cart.

StockVUE for Strategic Growth

By offering StockVUE to your customers you can provide assurance of zero Stock-Outs. Demonstrate to your customers that you are savvy at using latest cloud based and IoT technology to help meet their needs. Expand your geographical reach and expand your product offering leveraging the power and scalability of StockVUE. StockVUE offers you a powerful new tool to grow your business exponentially.