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StockVUE is an IoT solution developed by Loadstar Sensors a pioneer in the area of digital force measurement. Founded in 2003 by Div Harish, Loadstar developed the world's first USB Load Cell that enabled users to easily measure forces on a Windows PC simply by connecting it to the USB port of the PC. Innovations in the area of digital wired and wireless force measurement, capacitive force sensors,  Internet of Things and several key applications are covered by twenty key patents. Loadstar Sensors is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco bay area.


Relentless Innovation from Digital Smart Sensors to IoT

More than a decade ago, Loadstar Sensors pioneered USB Load Cells to measure weights from a single sensor. Sensors could be powered through USB greatly simplifying how power was provided to the sensor and data was communicated back to the PC. In addition the incorporation of software commands that provided calibrated data directly from the sensor made it possible to abstract away the complex electronics, and the calibration process to provide physical weight or force data easily. Software programmers could now build application effortlessly using our sensors and did not need to be sensor engineers or rocket scientists to create applications!

From single sensors, we figured out how to communicate with many sensors simultaneously via USB. Then came wireless networking innovations to talk to hundreds and thousands of sensors at a time. Finally with the arrival of Cloud Computing, we put it all together to build complex applications as an end to end IOT solution that could be accessed from anywhere, anytime from any device.


Genesis of the idea for StockVUE


A  fastener distributor gave us a call to ask if we had a solution that would help them cut down the task of managing the vast inventory of fasteners at points of use at customer sites.  They had to send personnel in trucks to remote customer sites many times in inclement weather just to see the inventory levels. Customers hated Stock-Outs but employees hated counting parts and writing down or bar coding manually each item that needed to be ordered. Inaccurate and out of sync data in inventory databases invariably led to problems.

The manual nature of the solution meant that the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) offering was cost prohibitive. In addition, all the travel to remote sites meant that thousands of tons of carbon was being dumped into the atmosphere. There had to be a better more efficient way of providing VMI services while saving money, saving the environment and keeping employees safe.

We figured we could use our smart scales to weigh bins and infer the number of pieces of each item in it. But instead of having someone bring items to a scale, weigh them and write down the counts, we figured if we can make them cheap enough we could put all the items on the scales and provide a real time count. By putting the data in the cloud, it can be made available to customers, distributors and manufacturers who could ALL see the data in real time and make sure their customer has what they need Just in Time. We could help track not only discrete parts, but also powders, liquids, and gases in tanks. Plus we could offer real time data, remotely and autonomously with minimal human intervention. A win/win solution for everyone that saved time, effort and money!

Presto - that is how StockVUE came to be. As Paul harvey would have said, "Now you know the rest of the story!"

Just In Time Inventory management, Lean Inventory practices and VMI are not just theory any more. We make it cost effective and easy to implement them in your facility.

Div Harish

We designed the software to be easy to use but scalable, using the principle Keep It Simple Stupid!

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Loadstar Sensors is delighted to help customers big and small, across a wide spectrum of industries. We are as happy to work with young students, professors and researchers with just an idea as well as Fortune 500 companies that demand exacting standards. Here is a sampling of our customers.

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Loadstar Sensors has served over 10,000 customers in over 85 countries since its founding in 2003. Our customers swear by our products, depend on our service and count on our unmatched satisfaction guarantee. Try us out - We won't disappoint you!