StockVUE for Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI Made Easy!

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a service provided by distributors to their customers at various points of use. Distributors promise to take care of inventory counting and replenishment to assure availability of parts at Points of Use and avoid stock-outs and delays. Until now this has been done by sending associates to remote sites, having them count parts and bar code bins that need to be replenished. This labor intensive process makes VMI a costly and less profitable offering for distributors.

StockVUE simplifies VMI by eliminating the need to visit remote sites, count parts and identify parts to be replenished and the need for data entry. Implement StockVUE and make VMI a breeze to offer. Let us show you how!

Place items on Digital Smart Scales

Choose the right smart scale from - Mini, Small, Medium, Large or Pallet Scales for your items. Place items to be tracked on the smart scales. Place the scales anywhere on existing shelves and racks. Connect scales to wireless routers and your setup is done!

Use StockVUE mobile to track inventory that moves

Our mobile cart version of StockVUE enables you to track items that need to be moved from location to location in a worksite. You can still track the items and replenish them as needed.

Eliminate Manual Counting and Replenishment

No need to enter data, scan bar codes or do anything at all to update inventory! It happens magically and autonomously with no human intervention.  It also adjusts counts when you put things back into the bins!


Enabling Distributors to Offer VMI

Distributors develop deeper customer and more profitable relationships with their customers by offering VMI. But the added cost of vehicles, gas, wear and tear, labor and time involved made it difficult to implement VMI profitably.

StockVUE makes it possible to offer VMI by eliminating the need to travel to remote sites in poor weather conditions, the need to buy expensive trucks and spend on gas and maintenance of vehicles. Now a supply chain associate can check on inventory levels in his pajamas and take care of customer needs from anywhere, anytime with just a smart phone. StockVUE makes VMI a breeze.

Get Real Time Inventory Data


Avoid Unnecessary Travel


Serve Customers Globally


StockVUE for Strategic Growth

By offering StockVUE to your customers you can provide assurance of zero Stock-Outs. Demonstrate to your customers that you are savvy at using latest cloud based and IoT technology to help meet their needs. Expand your geographical reach and expand your product offering leveraging the power and scalability of StockVUE. StockVUE offers you a powerful new tool to grow your business exponentially.