StockVUE for Pharmaceutical Industry

Managing Inventory for Medicines at Pharmacies, Clinics, Ranches, and Dairies

Pharmaceutical, Dental and Veterinary products are used or dispensed at hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, pharmacies, ranches, farms and other points of use. In a typical point of use, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of items that need to be tracked and replenished to avoid stock-outs and delays.

In this industry, cost of labor of medical professionals is very high and since currently managing and replenishing inventory is a very labor intensive process, the cost of managing invengtory is unbelievably high. StockVUE simplifies inventory management using IoT and automation and dramatically reduces your cost.

Let us show you how!

StockVUE in Cabinets

Place our smart scales on shelves even inside refrigerated cabinets and place the items on them.

Managing Inventory of Liquids, Powders, Gases and Discrete Packaged Items

You can place our scales on existing shelves and racks where needed. You do not need to put all items on our scales, just the ones with the most activity and high risk of stock-outs.

Frictionless Process - Just Pick Up and Leave

No need to enter data, scan bar codes or do anything at all to update inventory! It happens magically and autonomously with no human intervention.  It also adjusts counts when you put things back into the bins!


Veterinary Products Inventory Management for Ranches and Dairy Farms

Pharmaceutical companies who sell veterinary products to ranches and farms have an especially difficult time keeping track of what is in storage at points of use. The labor force that works on these ranches and dairies, is not highly educated, works under harsh conditions and does not follow manual process of tracking what medicines have been used in order to replenish critical items. If a few heads of cattle fall sick, then the entire herd is at risk without immediate availability of medications.

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Mobile Supply of Medical Inventory Using Containers

Complete containers have been modified to store critical inventory of veterinary products in air conditioned environment. Dairy workers enter the container to get what they need and leave without any need for data entry. Inventory items are autonomously counted and updated in the cloud and the distributor automatically ships items that are low to avoid any stockouts.