StockVUE for Manufacturers

Tracking Inventory at Factories and Warehouses

Manufacturing facilities produce complex products with thousands of parts and sub assemblies. Supply chain professionals keep track of incoming raw materials, work in process inventory as well as finished goods to run a profitable operation. If even a single part runs out, the resultant delays and work outages can result in millions of dollars of lost. Labor intensive maintenance processes such as periodic inventory counting leads to additional downtime and expense.

StockVUE simplifies inventory management using IoT and automation and dramatically reduces the complexity and reduces your cost.

Let us show you how!

StockVUE in Industrial Racks & Shelves

Place our pallet size scales on existing industrial grade shelves

Our scales are built tough!

The pallet size scales are built with a set of four load cells. They can be transported and assebled on site by users to keep costs low.

Compatible with Fork Lifts

The scales are designed to work with large bins and can be lifted up using fork lifts and pallet jacks without damaging the scales.


Just in Time Inventory Management & Lean Management Made Easy!

The principles of Total Quality Management comprising of principles of Just in Time ("JIT") inventory management and Lean Manufacturing are well know to most Manufacturing Engineers.  However, the collection of data has been labor intensive and difficult to obtain. Until now!

StockVUE provides customers a practical way of implementing JiT cost effectively.  One can easily obtain current levels of inventory, rates of consumption of inventory and optimize it to set optimum levels of inventory.  By using StockVUE customers can reduce Inventory Carrying costs while ensuring sufficient levels to meet demand and avoid stockouts.

Current Status

Get Real-Time Inventory Update


Just in Time Alerts

Get Advance Warning via Email or Text

Reorder products

Order Just in Time & Order the Right Quantity


Get global visibility into your inventory from anywhere anytime

Large manufacturers have warehouses and factories all over the globe. by putting all your inventory on StockVUE you can get real time access to global inventory from any Internet connected smartphone.  Instead of making phone calls and getting email updates that you need to compile and sort through, StockVUE provides access to your global inventory on demand plus it sends out alerts abotu trouble spots before they become a crisis. StockVUE makes inventory management a breeze!

Autonomous Global Inventory Tracking