Industrial Parts Distribution

Facilitating Autonomous, Remote Visibility of Industrial Parts Inventory

Industrial Parts Distributors have a tough time figuring out how much inventory a customer has at their points of use. Typically they send out personnel in trucks to visit remote sites and count parts and scan items that need to be replenished. These visits are time consuming, expensive and sometimes hazardous to life due to weather or heatlh related concerns. 

StockVUE provides remote visibility with real time inventory data and reduces the number of trips needed to be made. Furthermore, it enables distributors to offer Vendor Managed Inventory Service without spending and arm and a leg doing it!

Digital Smart Scales

Place scales on existing shelves

Easy to use Cloud Software

Accesible anytime, anywhere from any device

Wireless Routers Gather & Upload Data to IoT Gateway

Start Small. Scale to hundreds of scales per site.

Truck Manufacturing Plant

Needs hundreds of different parts

StockVUE Mobile Cart

Allows parts on carts also to be tracked autonomously

Just In Time Inventory Management Made Possible!

Until now Just In Time inventory management has been implemented essentially in software with manual counting and manual operations gatherinng the data. The labor intensive nature of the process has kept it from being truly widely implemented until now.  StockVUE by providing real time inventory data, autonomously, with little manual intervention, makes it possible to get data to practically implement Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing practices.