Loadstar Sensors and Olander Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer StockVUE Autonomous Inventory Management Solution for Fastener Industry

Silicon Valley, CA - July 9, 2024

Loadstar Sensors, a pioneer in the field of digital load cell technology and innovative solutions based on load cells, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Olander, a leading supplier of fasteners and precision hardware since 1962. This collaboration aims to bring Loadstar Sensors' innovative Autonomous Inventory Management solution – Stockvue.ai to Olander's extensive customer base, transforming how Vendor Managed Inventory (‘VMI’) is implemented in the fastener industry.

StockVUE®, available at stockvue.ai, is an advanced, autonomous inventory management solution designed to eliminate counting, provide real-time visibility, reduce manual labor, and banish stock-outs. By integrating StockVUE into their offerings, Olander will provide their customers with a state-of-the-art tool that optimizes inventory control and boosts operational efficiency.

"We are excited to partner with Olander, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence," said Div Harish, CEO of Loadstar Sensors. "This partnership is a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize Lean Inventory management and make it practical to implement Just-in-Time inventory management. Olander's extensive industry experience and wide-reaching customer network make them the ideal partner to introduce StockVUE to the fastener market."

Key Benefits of the StockVUE Solution

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: StockVUE uses advanced sensors, IoT, and AI technology to provide accurate, real-time data on inventory levels.
  • Automated Replenishment: The system automatically alerts users when stock levels are low, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: By minimizing human error, StockVUE ensures precise inventory management, saving time and resources.
  • Scalability: Designed to grow with businesses, StockVUE is scalable to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

"We are proud to offer StockVUE to our customers," said David Byrne, CEO at Olander. "This innovative solution aligns perfectly with our goal of providing top-tier products and services to our clients. We believe StockVUE will set a new standard in inventory management for the fastener industry."

The strategic partnership between Loadstar Sensors and Olander is set to launch immediately, with Olander integrating StockVUE into its product lineup and offering it to customers nationwide.

For more information about the partnership and how StockVUE can benefit your business, please visit stockvue.ai or contact Raka Gupta (raka@loadstarsensors.com) or Paul Medeiros (pmedeiros@olander.com).

About Loadstar Sensors

Loadstar Sensors is a leading provider of sensors and sensor based solutions for a wide variety of applications. We offer capacitive and resistive load cells, torque sensors, displacement sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors and other types of sensors with USB & wireless output for automotive, aerospace, medical device, industrial and consumer applications. Our sensor interface products enable users to communicate via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBEE or other wireless protocols with PCs, Tablet or Smartphones.

About Olander

Olander is a trusted supplier of fasteners and precision hardware, serving a wide range of industries with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With decades of experience, Olander is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers through innovation and excellence.

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